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Heat Dissipation of Laser Marking Machine


  Customer Demands:

  A customer engaged in the laser marking machine manufacturing industry, the laser head itself didn't have very high power, but due to the heat emission and small heat dissipation area, the power per unit area was very high, so the heat emission and temperature in actual using process were extremely high, the customer's products currently used 2 sets (2 units per set) of high-rotation-speed fans, the noise was extremely high and the effect was ordinary, so it was easy to have overheating protection and production suspension in a plant with slightly high temperature, meanwhile, the internal dust prevention effect was not good. The customer commissioned the R&D Department of Dongyuan Syscooling to provide solutions.

  Demand analysis:

  The heating area of the laser head was a round shape with diameter of 12mm, and power of 50W; after dismantling the original air-cooled heat dissipation device, the internal space was relatively abundant.

  Design Objective:

  1》At indoor temperature of 30℃, the maximum temperature of the heating area on the back of laser head shall be controlled within 65℃.

  2》The noise level of the whole water-cooling heat dissipation system shall be no higher than 35dB.

  3》The dust prevention design shall be made targeting the heating area of laser head to enhance dust prevention effect.


  *The solution adopted 600T water pumps, customized water cooling heads, 240 radiators, and 1,500r fan ×2.

  *Besides water cooling heads, all the other parts are all installed to the position of original air-cooled radiators.

  *In order to reduce the bear load of the height adjustable arm, both the water cooling heads and radiators used pure aluminum materials.

  *The filling opening of water pump was exposed to facilitate the assembly workers of customer factory to fill liquid.

  *The area requiring dust prevention was 75*93mm, out of consideration for cost control, the dust prevention panel and water cooling heads were directly produced into one.

  *As discussed by the R&D Department as well as simulated and calculated for multiple times, the 74*92*1mm was chosen to be the size of dust prevention panel, the water cooling heads internally adopted the 12*12*5mm groove-profile micro water channel, and the water inlet/outlet was G1/4 screw thread .

  *The heat dissipation solution received thermal physics CFD processing, the highest temperature of the heating area on the back of laser head at the room temperature of 30℃ was 58.7℃, the design direction was correct, and the match of components was rational.

  Product/Solution Delivery:

  The customer used the water-cooling and heat dissipation solution provided by Dongyuan Syscooling to improve the company's laser marking machine, the heating protection problem of equipments was solved, the silencing and dust prevention effects were enhanced, and the improved equipments received recognition in the market.


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